--- title: Smoking Bans | Dimiter Toshkov description: Policy Making Beyond Political Ideology The Adoption of Smoking Bans keywords: public opinion, policy difussion, smoking, anti-smoking policy, tobacco policy, policy making ---

Policy Making Beyond Political Ideology: The Adoption of Smoking Bans in Europe

Dimiter Toshkov

Public Administration (2013), vol.91, issue 2, pp.448-68

***This article is a joint winner of the 2013 Haldane prize for best article in Public Administration***


Policy making is embedded in politics, but an increasing number of issues, like obesity, tobacco control, or road safety, do not map well on the major dimensions of political conflict. This article analyzes the enactment of restrictions on smoking in bars and restaurants in 29 European countries – a conflictual issue which does not fit easily traditional party ideologies. Indeed, the comparative empirical analyses demonstrate that government ideological positions are not associated with the strictness and the timing of adoption of the smoking bans. On the other hand, economic factors like the scale of tobacco production in a country, smoking prevalence in society and public support for tough anti-smoking policy are all significantly related to the time it takes for a country to adopt smoking bans, and to the comprehensiveness and enforcement of these restrictions. In addition, horizontal policy diffusion is strongly implicated in the pattern of policy adoptions.


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