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Currently, I work at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University in The Netherlands. My main research interests are in European Union politics, comparative public policy, and research design. And decision making, game theory, philosophy of science, institutional design, policy implementation, law and economics, organizational theory, international relations, immigration and asylum policy, statistics, post-communism, and more. Yeah, I know I should focus.

Here you can find more about my research projects, check out my publications and visualizations, and access the data I've collected and used. You can also find some info about the courses I teach including a couple of presentations.

Not sure why would you want one, but here is a complete, (occasionally) up-to-date CV (pdf). And a link to my Google Scholar profile with citation numbers.

I used to keep a now dormant blog on the (ab)uses of research in public policy and administration and I occasionally contribute to this blog on EU affairs.

Bored with academia? Then check out my photos. Or see the movies and music I like. If you have even more time to waste, here is what I have recently found pinworthy on the Internet.

If you need to, get in touch .

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