--- title: Georgia | Dimiter Toshkov description: Photos of Georgia keywords: photos, travel photography, georgia, tbilisi, david gareji, sighnaghi ---


In the shadow of the Caucusus, October 2014


David Gareji

The Route


A Georgian cowboy

Oldtimers on the streets of Tbilisi

Zap bonbon

Hope these stairs are not still in use

A sea of sheep (and goats)

Off the main road

On the way to David Gareji (and the Azeri border)

Surreal landscape

An icon in the church at David Gareji

The monastery complex at David Gareji

The caves used for dwellings for the monks

The path

The tower aginst the violet background of the nearby hills

A look towards the Azeri desert below

A small church on the top overlooking the border with Azerbaidjan

Inside the church of Saint Nino

The church is in Bodbe, Kakheti region

A monastery cat

The ancient village of Sighnaghi