Movie ratings

This chart visualizes the relationship between the IMDb movie scores generated by thousands of users and your own ratings.
The scatterplot shows in a very intuitive way the general form of the relationship, and it makes it easy to identify movies where general and personal scores differ a lot.

You can hover over a dot to reveal the movie it represents, filter by year and genre, or search for a particualar movie.

The scatter plot is generated with a few lines of R code using the clickme package. You can see the full script here.
If you wanna know how much you can predcit whether you willl like a moive or not from its IMDb score, have a look at this (rather technical) post which uses the same data to illustrate the workings of linear and additive regression models for prediction.

Click here for a larger version.


This visualization has been put together by Dimiter Toshkov. Last updated in March 2014. Based on data from IMDb graphed with the clickme library in R.

Access the data

Data (csv) Script in R